Belgian Amber Candi Syrup

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This syrup is actually made in Belgium, and is the same sugar that the breweries themselves are using to craft their smooth, rich, and inconic brews. Amber Candi has a light colour, imparting rich caramel, vanilla and fruit flavours, suited to Dubbels and aromatic Amber Ales.

Amber Candi syrup is made from authentic Belgian caramelised beet sugars and you won’t get the same depth of flavour or colour with other caramelised sugar adjuncts such as rock candy (crystallised cane sugar). Using Candi syrups to increase the fermentable sugars in your wort will enhance your flavour profile, adding a pleasing Belgian complexity. Syrups also add very distinctive colour profiles. Belgian beer styles tend to be high in alcohol, so adding candi syrup will allow you to raise the abv without increasing sweetness – in fact you can achieve a crisp dryness by carefully balancing the fermentables (including syrup) with the yeast so there are no residual sugars.

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