Dry Hopping Magnet Kit

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Oxygen-free dry hopping is of increasing concern for many brewers; this simple kit will allow you to prepare your dry hops in your fermenter as you pitch your yeast. These strong, silicone-coated magnets can suspend your bagged hops above your brew until it’s time for your dry hop, then you’ll either release the magnet on the outer wall of your fermenter, or slowly lower the magnets to submerge the hop bag in your fermenting brew. This eliminates the need to open your fermenter to add your dry hops, and will also allow brewers who use fermenters without trub dumping valves to raise and remove their dry hops after a set dry hopping schedule is complete.


  1. Sanitise the hop sock and tie up one end.
  2. Add dry hops to the hop sock followed by one sanitised magnet. Tie up the other end of the hop sock, leaving enough space inside the hop sock for the hops to expand.
  3. Position your dry hop sock on the upper, inner wall of your fermenter, above the wort level.
  4. Apply the other magnet to the upper, outer wall of your fermenter until it adheres to the inner magnet.
  5. Seal fermenter and purge with CO2 if possible.

This kit comes with two silicone coated heavy duty magnets (one for the inner wall of your fermenter and one for the outer wall of your fermenter), and a hop sock.

Please note: it’s recommended you apply keg lubricant to the surface of the magnets before installing your dry hops. We recommend using no more than 200g of hops to ensure the magnets adhere properly.

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