DualTemp Vest – Cooling Jacket Fermenter Wrap

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With the Keg King DualTemp Vest, you can turn your small fermentation vessels into jacketed fermenters, surrounding your fermenter’s wall with the temperature you require. Jacketed fermenters are brewing industry standard equipment found in practically every modern brewery installation.

By creating a double wall on the fermenter body, the entire tank shell can then be flooded with temperature controlling glycol solution so the brewers can get the entire tank to hold their desired temperatures, warm, cold or even freezing, all without coming into direct contact with the fermenting beverage. The Keg King DualTemp Vest is far more effective than messy coil based temperature controlling systems that rely upon a relatively small contact area of stainless steel tubing immersed within the liquid inside the fermenter to do the job of temperature control. Our DualTemp Vest surrounds your fermenter, embracing the walls with a larger surface area than coil based temperature control,  providing a generous layer held right against your tank, eminating your desired temperature directly through the fermenter walls.

Duo Quick Solution

Use our Duo Quick Disconnects to create a self-sealing connection to your DualTemp Vest. You will need:

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Clean up is a breeze!  With DualTemp Vest, there isn’t any need to clean the jacket after fermentation because, unlike coils, there is no direct contact with the beverage. Use it on kegs or any vessels that you want to either keep warm or chill down and serve without a fridge or the need to buy bags of ice! The height of the DualTemp vest neatly wraps around a 9.5L Corny but can be used with a wide variety of fermenters and dispensing applications.

  • Working temperature: -5ºC – 40ºC
  • Working volume: Maximum 2L
  • Material: PVC
  • Connection: 7mm Barb

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1220mm x 308mm

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