Hoppy Days Ginger Beer DIY Brewing Kit – GINGER EXTREME


Ginger Extreme DIY Ginger Beer Brewing Kit is bursting with fresh, zingy ginger flavour and has a real kick. We’ve even packed in extra ginger bits so that you don’t have to.
Do your tastebuds a flavour; if you like a spicy ginger beer and are tired of having to pimp up other ginger beer recipes, this is the kit for you!

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Instructions: Submerge container in hot water to loosen contents then add to a sanitised fermenter, rinsing out with more hot water if required. Add 1kg of Raw Sugar to fermenter * Add 2 Litres of hot water to fermenter and stir to dissolve sugar. Top up to 20L with cool, sterile water. Add yeast and ferment at manufacturer’s recommended temperature**

** If using Lalvin EC1118, ferment at 24C. Final Gravity should be approximately 1.010

Low / No Alcohol Option: If you wish to make our Ginger Beer Kit alcohol free, follow the instructions outlined above, but leave out the added sugar. You will still need to add yeast and allow the kit to ferment out. Take a specific gravity reading on day 2 and 3 to ensure final gravity is reached and the beer is safe to bottle. Please note: this will still produce alcohol, under 1% ABV

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