GINGER EXTREME Ginger Beer Kit: HOT DATE EDITION (Hoppy Days and Sabarac Collab – Limited Edition)

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Ready for a Hot Date? This strictly limited release is a very special collaboration with our mate Geoff at Sabarac. We’ve taken our popular Ginger Beer kit to a whole new level by adding fermented dried habanero powder to give it an extra firey kick! With a lingering heat and a rich savoury chili note, this ginger beer is dangerously drinkable.

Fight Fire With Fire

Things to know:

  • The Hot Date should be fermented hot. We recommend using kveik yeast to rip through this brew hot and fast (30-35°C is fine).
  • We’ve added glucoamylase enzyme to the kit, which makes this a low carb brew, perfect for a hot day.
  • Expect a lower final gravity. This brew will get under 1.000 specific gravity.
  • Add 1 to 2kg sugar (raw sugar or dextrose is fine). 1kg sugar will get the brew to around 3% ABV. 2kg sugar will get it to around 4.8% ABV.
  • This kit makes 20L.

InstructionsSubmerge container in hot water to loosen contents then add to a sanitised fermenter, rinsing out with more hot water if required. Add 1 to 2kg of sugar to fermenter then add 2 litres of hot water to fermenter and stir to dissolve sugar. Top up to 20L with cool, sterile water. Add yeast and ferment until specific gravity is stable.


Low / No Alcohol Option: Sorry bottlers, due to the inclusion of a low carb enzyme we don’t recommend you try to make this as a low/no alcohol brew.

Ingredients: Acidity Regulator, Sweeteners (952, 954), Amyloglucosidase Enzyme, Dried Fermented Habanero Powder, Natural Flavourings, Sucrose, Yeast Nutrients, Vegetable Gum, Dried Ginger Root, Dried Organic Lemon Peel

Artwork by Nick Byrne

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  1. Soeren Oppermann


    Extremely spicy, extremely ginger, extremely tasty. Fermented out to 6.5% with 2kg raw sugar in 2 days using Voss Kveik, dangerously tasty, amazing flavour from the habaneros and actually proper spicy.

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