GO-FERM Protect Evolution – Yeast Nutrient

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Go-Ferm Protect Evolution provides yeast with a high amount of sterols, vitamins and minerals.
Anne Julien-Ortiz – R&D Director (yeast and nutrition) at Lallemand emphasises that for a smooth, complete and clean fermentation: ‘Lipid content, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium are key co-factors to take into consideration’. The positive impact of high ergosterol on the yeast membrane transport systems allows for better aromatic precursor assimilation, very important for wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling high in thiols and terpenes. The use of Go-Ferm Protect Evolution for these wines greatly enhances their aromatic complexity.

Usage Instructions (23L Batch):

Mix 10g Go Ferm per 200g of 40C water. Add dry yeast and let stand for 20min before pitching

Go-Ferm Protect Evolution secures fermentation by:

  • Increasing yeast vitality and viability due to ergosterols and yeast vitamin sources
  • Increasing the alcohol tolerance of yeast by the fortification of the membrane with a high level of quality sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Significant impact on fermentation kinetics especially under challenging conditions
  • Allows fermentation kinetics to be similar as when oxygen is added. Go-Ferm Protect Evolution can replace O2 additions in winemaking protocols.

Lallemand highly recommends the use of Go-Ferm Protect Evolution in the following conditions:

  • Wines that are notoriously / historically difficult to ferment.
  • Extreme high baume (high potential alcohol) must.
  • Highly clarified juices
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