Saturate your senses with the one-two punch of Citra and Mosaic hops – the classic hazy hop pairing. Aromas of peach and passionfruit and a pulpy mango flavour leap out of this Hazy IPA… 

Recipe Details

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🍺 Recipe Details 🍺

OG: 1.064 |  IBU: 50 |  ABV: 6.8%
MASH: 70min @ 65°C BOIL: 60min
– 6.24kg Voyager Pale (Compass) (4.5 EBC)
– 770g Voyager Malted Oats (5.5 EBC)
– 380g Weyermann CaraHell (29 EBC)
– 200g Gladfield Sour Grapes (4.5 EBC)

25g Citra (12.5% AA) (20min)
40g Mosaic
30g Citra
let drop to 80°C
50g Mosaic
50g Citra
75g Mosaic (or Mosaic Cryo) (day 3)
75g Citra (or Citra Cryo) (day 6)

DRY (2 packs recommended)
Safale S-04
> LalBrew Verdant IPA
M66 Hophead Ale
WLD066 London Fog
Bluestone New England
WLP008 East Coast
WLP066 London Fog

TARGET FG: 1.014
FERMENT: 10 days**

* dry hop in a hop sock or cold crash for best results
** fermentation time will vary depending on yeast strain, fermentation temperature and process. Package when specific gravity is stable over two days and no diacetyl is detected



🍺 Water Profile / Notes 🍺

Target Water Profile: NEIPA / FULL

Calcium (Ca2+): 126
Magnesium (Mg2+): 16
Sodium (Na+): 2
Chloride (Cl-:): 190
Sulphate (SO42-): 100
Bicarbonate (HCO3): 2

Adjust your water profile with our range of brewing salts. We also SELL and REFILL Reverse Osmosis filtered water in-store so you can build up your own brewing water from scratch.

Note the two Hopstand additions:
– For the first, add at flame-out and allow temperature to drop before adding 2nd addition.
– For the 2nd addition; allow to drop to 80°C and hold at that temperature for the duration of the hopstand, or add at a higher temperature (85°C) and allow temperature to drop for the duration of the hopstand.
– There’s no need to remove the 1st hopstand hops before adding the 2nd.

To brew a banging NEIPA, ensure you pay attention to your whirlpool/hopstand temperatures, and minimise any oxygen ingress during dry hop. If you’re able to perform an oxygen free dry hop as your beer approaches the last couple gravity points of fermentation that would be ideal, however if you have the means to flush your fermenter with CO2 (from the lid or through the tap) while dry hopping this can definitely help to mitigate oxidizing your beer. Pay attention to the water profile in this recipe and aim to reach a higher chloride content for a softer mouthfeel. We’re shooting for a 2:1 Chloride to Sulphate ratio. This can be achieved with an addition of calcium chloride and sodium chloride (canning salt), so as to not bring up your overall calcium content to high and end up with a chalky tasting beer. If you aren’t using filtered water and you can’t source an accurate water report, treat your tap water with a 1/4 teaspoon of potassium metabisulphite (spread across your mash and sparge water – 1/2 tsp for a double batch), and add a teaspoon of calcium chloride.

View our Water Chemistry range

🍺 Important Info 🍺

Our Recipe Packs come with all necessary grain, hops and yeast for your brew, and hops are rounded up to the nearest 50g. In very rare cases where an ingredient is unavailable, we will provide a suitable substitute to an equal or greater value. A Single Batch is 23L and a Double Batch is 46L (excluding super strong beers which are 20L / 40L)

Additional information

Beer Style

Hazy, IPA

Hop Intensity


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