Hoppy Days Brew In A Bag (BIAB) Starter Kit

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A starter kit with all of the essentials to get you brewing All Grain beer at home!

Our BIAB starter kit is the perfect entryway to all grain brewing and contains all of the equipment required to complete a brew day at home. Full Volume Brew-In-A-Bag is the simplest form of all grain brewing and involves mashing and boiling in a single vessel with all of the brewing water (“liquor”) added at the start. Simply heat up your total brewing water volume in your kettle and add your cracked grain in a large grain bag which is fitted around the top of the kettle. After the mash is finished the grain bag is removed and you squeeze out as much of the sweet wort as possible. You then boil the wort and add different hops at different stages according to the recipe.

With the included equipment you’ll be able to brew up and “hot cube” a batch of beer. Hot Cubing (aka “No Chill”) is an ingenious Aussie invention where instead of using a dedicated chiller (immersion or counterflow) you simply package your hot wort at the end of brew day into a HDPE “cube” using the included silicone tubing. Seal the lid and allow the wort to chill overnight until ready to decant into your sanitised fermenter. Hot cubing is quick and easy, and you’ll save heaps of water. This is by no means the only way to chill your wort but it will make for a fuss free brew day!

With the 35L Digiboil, we recommend choosing recipes with a grain bill under 6kg, which would include all of our single batch pale ales, lagers, and session beer recipes – alternatively you can scale down larger recipes to suit your equipment. Contact us if you need help familiarising yourself with our recipes, but for a start you can use the “total water” value on our recipe sheets as a guide.

Pay in 4 (interest-free instalments) is available for orders between $30 and $2,000. 2.8% processing fee applies.
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Starter Kit includes:

  • Digiboil 35L 2400watt Electric Boiler
  • Medium Mesh Grain Bag
  • 24″ Stainless Steel Mash Paddle
  • Reinforced False Bottom (to prevent scorching)
  • Digital Stick Thermometer
  • 20L No Chill Cube (please note: will fit 23L of hot wort)
  • Heavy Duty Silicone Hose (1m)

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