Hoppy Days SUPERBLEND (Voyager)

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Malted, blended, and packaged by Stu and the team at Voyager Craft Malt, Hoppy Days SUPERBLEND is a homogenous blend of the malts you know and love.

Dependable and flavourful, this is a ratio designed by the Hoppy Days team to fit easily into your recipes. Whether it be an XPA, Blonde Ale, or Double IPA, our Superblend is a great fit across heaps of different styles.

What is it?

A carefully considered mixture of Compass Pale Malt, Vienna Malt, and Chit Malt. Create beers with stunning head retention and a clean and uncluttered malt flavour to let the hops shine. The Hoppy Days SUPERBLEND is your brewery workhorse that takes the guesswork out of designing recipes.

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Key Stats:
  • 85% Compass Pale Malt, 12% Vienna (Schooner) Malt, 3% Chit (Latrobe) Malt
  • Homogenously blended on site before packaging
  • Available as a 25kg sack or in custom weights
  • Low colour malt blend to cater to clean, pale beers and multiple beer styles

Voyager Craft Malt are a small, independent family owned Malthouse located in the heart of the Riverina area in New South Wales
Click HERE to check out the Voyager Craft Malt Product Guide

* 25kg Sack is provided unmilled only

Additional information

Weight .001 kg

5.5 – 6.1 EBC (Typically 5.6)


Homogenous Blend of Latrobe and Compass barley varieties

Malt Type

Base Malt

Extract (Fine Dry, %)


Apparent Attenuation Limit


Diastatic Power

306 WK, 92 °L

FAN (mg/L)

> 140

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