P.V.P.P Polyclar

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Wine – Used for fining wine & to absorb phenolics which cause browning / pinking in white / light coloured wines.

Beer – Used to filter and stabilise beer. PVPP is short for polyvinylpolypyrrolidone which is a polymerized and water/beer insoluble version of the soluble compound PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone), a nylon-type polymer that has an even higher affinity for chemical bonding with polyphenols than the proteins present in beer have. This gives PVPP excellent properties as a chemical stabilizer for beer. If finely granulated, high surface area PVPP is dispersed in beer, a very high proportion of the dissolved polyphenols in the beer will bind to the PVPP particles, subsequently to be filtered out. Brewers wish to remove these polyphenols because they will otherwise with time react with beer proteins, forming insoluble complexes that will make the beer hazy. This type of stabilizer is referred to as an adsorbent.

Prepare by mixing one part PVPP with one part beer (post fermentation), stirring to create a slurry in a sanitised glass before adding the mixture back to the finished beer. Allow to settle for up to 12 hours before filtering beer.

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