PET Kegerator Washout Keg for Commercial Kegs (A & D Type)

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This affordable kit is all the equipment that is required to clean out the beer lines, taps and couplers on your kegerator. Including both an A and D type fitting which attaches to our 10L PET King Keg, you can easily run the included cleaning solution through your lines. This means you’ll always have the freshest tasting beer on tap!


  • 10L PET King Keg
  • A-type Spear for 10L King King
  • D-type Spear for 10L King Keg
  • 250g Alkaline Brewery Cleaner (ABC) Powder

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  1. Disconnect the keg coupler from the keg.
  2. If the lines are really dirty, rinse the beer lines with water to remove any visible debris. If using warm water, do not exceed 50C in the PET keg.
  3. Following the dilution rates on the Alkaline Brewery Cleaner (ABC), mix up at least 1L of solution for each beer line you need to clean. Warm water will work faster, but do not exceed 50C. Add this solution to the washout keg, and screw on the spear type to match your coupler.
  4. Attach the coupler to the washout keg and open the tap to allow approximately 200ml cleaner to flow through into a collection vessel. Close the tap and allow the cleaner to sit in the lines for at least 15mins, for very dirty lines, allow 1 hr plus.
  5. If you are cleaning multiple lines, disconnect the cleaning keg and repeat for each line. Ensure the cleaning solution doesn’t drain from the lines, raise the height of the coupler when disconnected if required.
  6. Repeat step 4 if required to flush the lines with fresh cleaning solution and dislodge anything stuck.
  7. Flush the remaining cleaning solution through, or empty from the keg.
  8. Rinse the washout keg with water to remove the cleaning solution and fill with at least 500ml water per line. Flush though the beer lines to rinse out the ABC.
  9. Disconnect the coupler from the washout keg and reconnect to the beer keg.
  10. Enjoy your clean beer lines and freshly-poured beer!

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