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All of our grains and hops at your fingertips; select the ingredients required for your recipe.
We pride ourselves for using the freshest quality malts, weighed and packaged with care and milled fresh-to-order.

Check out our grain ordering tips below. Please ensure you double check all ingredients in your recipe before submitting ↓

Pay in 4 (interest-free instalments) is available for orders between $30 and $2,000. 2.8% processing fee applies.
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A note on our malts:

At Hoppy Days you might find some grains you’ve never used before, or maybe ones you’ve never even heard of. When it comes to base malts, most grains are grouped into the broad categories of PALE malts and ALE malts.

  • PALE MALT is a generic term used by maltsters to refer to a lightly kilned malt lending a light colour and low overall malt flavour. Confusingly, Pale malts are often a Pilsner-variety grain. Pale malts are great for light coloured beers where malt complexity and richness is not desirable.
  • ALE MALT is a catch-all term for malt varieties kilned to a slightly darker colour, lending a fuller body and a sweeter finish. This category includes English and Aussie heritage varieties which are notable for giving a signature malt quality to your beer, whether it be nutty, toasty, or honey-like.
  • A note on “2-row: pretty much all of our malts are 2-row. Don’t get hung up on this term if you’re trying to replicate a recipe you’ve found; choose a Pale or Ale malt that fits the bill, and provides a malt profile you’re aiming for in your beer. If in doubt, Voyager Compass and Schooner are our recommendations.
  • Consult our GRAIN GUIDE for how to approach building a grist, and what to expect out of our malt types.
  • If ordering a recipe for store pickup, please wait for your “order ready” email before coming to collect your order. In some cases (usually Mondays) there can be up to a 24 hour wait on recipe orders.
  • Our grains are milled using Ss Brewtech Grain Mills which we adjust to the specific mill gap for the grain(s) selected in your recipe. We recommend selecting the “Coarse” milling option for all-in-one recirculating systems such as Grainfather, Brewzilla, and Guten.
  • If you wish to order multiple recipes, click “add to cart” for your first recipe and complete the recipe builder again.

Please Note: Maximum 10 different grain varieties per recipe.

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  1. Matt Lyons

    I’ve used this builder three times now for building my grain bills, pricing is great along with the range of malts.
    Even better is the next day delivery I’m getting up here in NQ.
    Great work guys, happy to support.

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