Rye Malt (Gladfield)

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Ideal for seasonal / specialty beers, can be used in almost any style of beer. Gladfield Rye is Canterbury NZ, grown & irrigated Rye Corn.

Gladfield Rye is malted with the same care as all Gladfield malts modifies well in the kiln. Gladfield Rye imparts the traditional Rye flavours, & a slight spice/earthiness to beer, along with a clean dry finish. Reccomended usage of 10% & increased up to 50% for more Rye flavour. Note that Gladfield Rye does not have a husk & can be milled finer that other malts & will benefit from a finer mill setting.

Substitutes: Voyager Rye Malt | Gladfield Black Forest Rye

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Gladfield Black Forest Rye

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Adjunct / Cereal, Sub Base Malt

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