Ss Brewtech Chronical Fermenter 2.0 – 7 Gal

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Updating the iconic series of Chronical fermenters is not something we took lightly. The Chronical was a product we launched in the earliest days of Ss Brewtech. It, along with the Brewmaster Edition that would join a few years later, have formed a core product line that have elevated the standard of what home brewers have come to expect from a cylindro-conical vessel, and what home brewed beer could be.

So, with a blank sheet of paper, we went to work designing the ultimate Chronical fermenter. Priority number one was to continue on our mission to elevate every home product we offered to sanitary connections and valves. For the Chronical 2.0 we addressed that by adding a new welded 3/4″ TC sampling port, and paired that with an all-new sampling valve based on our Pure Flow sanitary technology. Secondly, we redesigned the lid to use the Unitank’s lid-mounted cooling coil system, which removes the side-mounted weldless ports from the Chronical BME. The Chronical 2.0’s lid-mounted cooling coils extend further down into the fermenter, enabling users to ferment partial batch sizes.

Although Chronical 2.0 is a massive evolutionary leap forward, we’ve also stayed true to the product line’s core. The full-width lid, a revolution when the original Chronical launched is retained, the pro inspired 60° cone, and bottom dump port is still here. And last but not least, the ever-popular neoprene jacket from the Chronical Brewmaster Edition is standard on Chronical 2.0.  This means that every Chronical 2.0 has a coil and jacket included as standard.

Pure Flow Sampling Valve

The sampling valve was of particular interest to us during development, by integrating the ¾” TC gasket seal into the valve’s interior membrane, we created a contiguous seal to valve surface, resulting in an even more sanitary connection. This patent-pending technology was first used on The Pure Flow Valve for the InfuSsion Mashtuns and has now found its way over to our cold-side fermentation lineup. Additionally, the ¾” TC port has all the sanitary benefits brewers have come to love with traditional 1.5″ TC ports, but at a scale that’s perfect for the sampling valve.

Slim Butterfly Valve

Next, we took a fresh look at eliminating ball valves, alongside reducing the unnecessary size of large-scale butterfly valves. By designing our own Slim Butterfly Valves for the Chronical 2.0, we were able to drastically reduce the system’s weight while being equally sanitary and effective at sealing as full-sized butterfly valves. In addition, the new racking arm is co-molded with the geometry of the valve body and TC gasket; this ingenious design captures the racking arm and prevents it from coming loose. Additionally, the keyed elements of the valve allows the brewer to know exactly what direction the racking arm is facing by the orientation of the valve on the vessel.

Lid Mounted Cooling Coil

Removing the side-mounted coils, the coil redesign ensures easy cleaning and the ability to ferment partial batches with full temperature stability.

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