Tipo 00 Pizza Flour

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Ideal for Italian pizza, Mulino Perfetto (translating to Perfect Mill) is milled from the highest quality GMO-free wheat, leaving the flour triple-sifted and unbleached. Perfect for baking classic Italian pizza in wood-fired, gas or electric ovens, Mulino Perfetto produces a very flavourful crust.

Withstanding long fermentation and kneading, the feedback from Italian pizza chefs has been that Mulino Perfetto delivers the perfect balance of traditional flavour and texture. As the most refined flour, double zero (also known as doppio zero) is part of a traditional Italian grading system (from 2 to 00) for how finely ground the flour is, and how much bran and germ have been removed.

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Includes Rubs, Sauces, Equipment, Wood and Charcoal.
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