Yeastlife O – Yeast Nutrient (Hard Seltzer)

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Since pure sugar lacks the nutrients required for a healthy fermentation, hard seltzer fermentations require supplementation with a balanced nutrient high in nitrogen, vitamins and minerals. Failure to provide adequate nutrition can result in slow or stuck fermentations, reduced attenuation and off-flavors. The result of intensive research & development on yeast nutrition in high sugar/low nutrient based fermented beverages including hard seltzer, Yeastlife O has been formulated to avoiding sluggish and stuck fermentations, in addition to minimizing off-flavors while improving mouthfeel.

YeastLife O is composed of 100% yeast-derived ingredients, so nutrients are balanced and bio-available for yeast metabolism. It does not contain mineral salts or inorganic sources of vitamins or nitrogen (such as DAP or urea). Organic nutrition from YeastLife O promotes cleaner fermentations compared to inorganic nutrition that may lead to off flavors due to rapid yeast growth. YeastLife O is also gluten-free.

– Usage Rate is 35g – 60g per 23L batch in pure sugar fermentations.
– 50g per 23L batch is sufficient for any fermentation at or below 1.060 starting gravity.
– Yeastlife O should be added to at the end of boil. Alternatively, it may be rehydrated alongside your chosen brewing yeast at rate of 10ml of sterile water per gram of nutrient/yeast, prior to pitching into your fermenter.
– Yeastlife O can also be used as a general purpose yeast nutrient for beer at a rate of 10g per 23L batch.

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