Hoppy Days Hard Seltzer Kit

Hoppy Days Hard Seltzer Kit features our most up-to-date ingredients and process to help you make a clean and refreshing seltzer, perfect as a crisp thirst quenching keg filler. We’ve taken the guesswork out of formulating the perfect seltzer- just ferment, flavour, and enjoy! Our seltzer recipe was finalised after months of testing and experimentation. Trust us- we’ve tried plenty of bad seltzers, so we wanted to get this right.

Our hard seltzer is for brewers who want to have a non-beer option on the go, or perhaps for gluten-sensitive drinkers, or friends and family who simply aren’t that crazy about beer. Choose from our range of Fruit Flavourings to create a crisp and refreshing Hard Seltzer today!

Kit Includes:

  • Dextrose (2kg)
  • Nutrient Pack (50g) (Organic yeast nutrients and pH stabilisers)
  • CBC-1 Yeast
  • Flavouring – you choose!
  • HOW-TO GUIDE including fermentation, flavouring and packaging instructions
Pay in 4 (interest-free instalments) is available for orders between $30 and $2,000. 2.8% processing fee applies.
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Full fermentation, packaging and sweetening instructions are included with your HOW-TO GUIDE.


  • Q: Can I bottle my seltzer or is this only for people with kegs? 
    A: YES you can bottle condition our seltzer, however a kegged seltzer will always be clearer. Bottling-specific sweetening and packaging instructions are included with our kit.
  • Q: How sweet is your hard seltzer?
    A: Our hard seltzer recipe only includes the sugar used to ferment the brew- no additional sweeteners are required and our flavouring packs are sugar-free, so the seltzer will ferment out dry and refreshing. If you do wish to add sweetener to your seltzer there are instructions included in the kit, but honestly we reckon it’s pretty good as is!
  • Q: Do I need special equipment to make this?
    A: Not really, no. Though we do recommend kegging this rather than bottling (again not essential), apart from that you’ll just need a basic everyday fermenter and a spoon to mix the ingredients.
  • Q: How alcoholic is it?
    A: Our hard seltzer kit should end up around 4.2% alcohol by volume, assuming you ferment at a stable temperature to a stable final gravity of 0.994. Your alcohol content may be lower if you experience temperature fluctuations during fermentation and/or if you package the seltzer prematurely.

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